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Pequeñin Children Multicultural Readiness Academy is
committed to providing the highest quality early education and
care for children. Our program remains at the forefront of early
childhood education to see children develop, grow and learn in a
diverse, bilingual environment that is safe, nurturing, inclusive,
and supportive.

Here at Pequeñin CMRA we involve all stakeholders; parents,
teachers, and the community to work together to give each
student a solid foundation, in all developmental areas for a
successful transition into Kindergarten and lifelong learning.

Program Philosophy

Pequeñin CMRA supports the belief that education is one of the most
important foundations of any community. We believe that a positive
environment for learning, where every child's culture is respected and
celebrated helps children meet their full potential.

Our teachers support and ensure that children develop their inner
creativity, self-expression, and individuality. Our curriculum enhances
the growth and development for the whole child; social-emotional,
physical, cognitive, language and literacy, and taps into the children
natural curiosity about themselves, their world, and their place in it.

Pequeñin CMRA challenges young children to use their senses to
ask questions in a supportive environment which values their

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