The Academy incorporates the new Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS) as the
foundational documents for planning learning experiences, observing and documenting child progress and implementing teaching
     The Academy prides itself in providing a complete education that includes the developmental standards identified by the
Connecticut Office of Early Childhood Education (OEC). To support the implementation of these standards, the Academy utilizes
The InvestiGator Club: Inquiry Based Learning System; a culturally rich, fully integrated, scientifically proven preschool curriculum 
that focuses on ten critical domains of learning; literacy, math, science, social studies, oral language, and creative arts. Spanish
translaions, assure linguistic competency, also consistent with the Academy's philosophy. 
     By connecting early childhood standards within specific investigations, The Connecticut Early Learning Development Standards
along with The InvestiGator Club curriculum, the teacher is guided along a path of critical learning objectives. At year end,
every Connecticut Preschool Standard has been introduced and systematically reviewed in a variety of contexts, including
stories, oral language activities, small-group instruction, and structured games and explorations. The InvestiGator Club aligns with
the CT ELDS, and the Connecticut Preschool Assessment Standards.
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