Parents can apply by completing a full Enrollment Application packet which includes the following:


Waiting List
 If there are no openings at the time of registration, the child’s name is placed on our Waiting List by date and time of application. Vacancies are filled by
contacting the families of the age appropriate child with the earliest application date on the list. Children on the Waiting List may be skipped and returned
to at a later time if they are too young to enroll at the time his/her  name is next. At the time a family is contacted, arrangements will be made to ensure that
the application is complete. A pre-admission visit to the classroom is also scheduled for both parent and child before the child’s start date. This visit is
mandatory, for it allows the parent and child to meet the classroom teachers, become familiar with the class routine, and have a greater sense of comfort 
on the child’s first day of care.


 Academy fees are set in accordance with a sliding scale developed by the Department of Social Services. The fee is based on family size and income; families
must provide proof of income for the adults who contribute to the support of the child attending the Academy.  The fee calculation worksheet is reviewed and
signed by the parents and a copy of this form is given to each family. After the fee is determined, parents sign a tuition contract committing to pay their
weekly tuition each Monday morning. Academy fees will change according to changes in a family’s income or size. All families are to report changes
immediately and adjustments will be made when there are changes to family income. The fee will be reviewed every six months with the family following the
same procedure as above. All information concerning family fees is strictly confidential.  
The following documents are needed to determine the fee:
Payment is due on the first day of each week. It is the family's responsibility to remain current whether or not they receive
notice. The fees already take into account the centers schedule, thus credit is not given for Holidays, snow days, or occasional
non attendance days. Although late notices may be sent, it is the family’s responsibility to make timely payments, monitor their
fee balance and maintain accurate records. Because funds are essential to the operation of the Academy, fee waivers are only
1. If a doctor’s note verifies that a child has been out sick for a full week or more.
The family will be charged 50% the weekly fees.
Parents/Guardians who wish to re-enroll their child after child care services have been terminated due to failure of payments, must pay their prior balance
in full and begin the enrollment process again. This may include a re-determination of income. The child may also be placed on the waiting list if another
child has taken the vacated slot.
Child Care Subsidy (optional)
It is important for families to understand that their fee is usually SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than the actual cost
of providing care for their child, which is currently $220.00 per week per child.  Each family enrolling a child in the
Academy will be given the option to apply for a child care subsidy through the state sponsored Care 4 Kids program.
The Academy will provide the application packet; assist parents in completing and mailing it on behalf of the child.
However,  families who complete the application process but are not eligible for subsidy will not be penalized nor
charged extra.
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