Pequeñín Children's Multicultural Readiness Academy was founded in October 2008. The Academy's goal is to focus on
academics while at the same time teaching through play therefore enhancing children's abilities in a variety of ways. Pequeñín
Children’s Multicultural Readiness Academy strives to provide the highest quality of developmental and educational
programs in a nurturing, inclusive, safe and supportive environment while facilitating and enriching the early learning
experience of our students and their families.
The Academy seeks to ensure that each child in our program has a good start by making his/her experience a
positive and beneficial one. It is our goal to give children a safe and stable environment that ensures positive
experiences and attitudes toward learning. The Academy’s commitment is to help the individual child to develop
his/her self-image through the mastery of developmentally appropriate skills, and discovery of his/her talents and
unique gifts. One of the Academy's main objectives is to provide an opportunity for families of children to actively
participate in their child's education.  We encourage family involvement in every aspect of their child's education and
development. It is our goal to continue to provide quality education and serve our community in the best way we can.
To provide our students with a high quality educational experience. It is our commitment to help the individual child develop,
grow and learn in a nurturing, inclusive, safe and supportive multicultural environment.  All stakeholders, parents, teachers and
The Pequenin community at large will work together to provide each of our students with a unique foundation in all developmental
areas to successfully transition into Kindergarten.
The Mission
The overarching goal of the Academy is to offer a safe, caring and inclusive environment, which meets the
emotional, social, developmental, health, nutritional and educational needs of each child. The academy is child centered,
nurtures children‘s self-esteem, enhances their social development and fosters their creativity. Activities are designed to help
children thrive and gain a sense of competence that builds self-confidence, develops school readiness skills, provides for a
successful transition to kindergarten, lays the groundwork for future school achievement and establishes a lifelong love of learning.
The Academy staff is trained to support children in their mastery of social skills through play and focuses on building a positive
self-concept by offering children developmentally appropriate activities with opportunities to share and relate with others, through
new experiences and situations.
The Program Goal

            Staff Philosophy

One of the most critical components to accomplishing our mission and successfully implementing our philosophy is
maintaining the highest quality staff and providing them with the resources and support to be successful. A child’s first school
experience is very special and very important and for many, it will dictate how they view learning for years to come.  The
Academy staff understands that the first years of life and learning are crucial. Our faculty is made up of dedicated and caring
professionals who welcome the opportunity and challenges of educating your children. We are confident that our faculty and staff
will provide your child with nurturing and good guidance while they are under our care.
Professional development is a critical component of any early childhood education center and has a
tremendous impact on the quality of early childhood education programs and preparing children for future school
success. Many of our preschool teachers and assistant teachers hold Bachelor's Degrees, Early Childhood Teacher
Certifications, Associate Degrees, CDA Certificates and are actively engaged in Early Childhood Education classes.
All staff members participate in continuing education and are certified in First Aid & CPR and most of staff members
will be trained in the administration of medication when offered by the Academy. The Director and outside trainers
will provide onsite training/education when possible for all teaching staff. In addition to formal education, all of our
staff has an understanding of young children development and a commitment to high quality education. All academy
staff is guided and follows the code of ethical conduct created by the National Association for the Education of Young


            School Calendar 
            The Academy will close for one week in June and December, for a mandatory trainings, and on the following holidays:
Independence Day
Professional Development week
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
School Recess- December 24, 2015 - January 4, 2016 (reopens on, January 4th)
            Martin Luther King’s Day
Lincoln’s Birthday
Washington’s Birthday
            Good Friday
Memorial Day


         Emergency and Inclement Weather Closings

In consideration of the needs of our working families, we take great effort to remain open under almost situations. However, on occasion, we have to give in to the weather or emergency situations. In the event of anemergency closing and /or inclement weather, parents can learn of the closing on CT Fox 61 News, NBC 4 and WFSB Channel 3. Should the Academy need to close during the day, the Academy staff will attempt to reach the parents or emergency contacts for early dismissal . In the unlikely event that the Academy needs to be evacuated for safety reasons, the Academy staff will notify the parent or emergency contact person of the pick uplocation. Parents or emergency contact persons should go there directly to pick up the child.

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